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Lenny Larson is a master potter, accomplished ceramic artist, designer of the ceramic industries finest Raku Kiln, exceptional front loading kilns as well as beautifully crafted ceramic equipment.

Growing up in Laguna Beach, Lenny was exposed to fine art at an early age. His father was a finished carpenter and this is where Lenny gained his work ethic and his love for fine craftsmanship. 

Earning his AA Degree from Orange Coast College, Lenny went on the get his BFA and MFA from Otis Art Institute in 1975 majoring in Ceramics and minoring in Printmaking. 

Lenny began working as a production potter in various commercial potteries throughout Southern California for 18 years. Eventually Lenny managed a large ceramic lamp manufacture in Los Angeles that led to him becoming the head of equipment sales for Laguna Clay Co. He then ran their mold shop and designed a line of gas fired kilns. 

In 1999 Lenny became the plant manager for a large ceramic tile manufacture, Jeffrey Court, inc. He designed new efficient production manufacturing methods as well as setting up a new production facility. 

Today, Lenny Larson continues his love for ceramics by running Southern California’s Premier ceramic studio (Ceramic Services, Inc.) sponsoring professional workshops, custom firings, selling ceramic supplies and manufacturing fine ceramic equipment. Lenny continues exploring his ceramic art and he has become a leader in the ceramic world.